At the Flea Market with the New Moto X

I visited a local flea market the other day and I figured it would be a great opportunity to test out the Moto X (2014)'s new 13MP shooter. If you recall, a prominent complaint about the last generation Moto X regarded its camera hardware/software, though once some tweaks were made via updates, it began to come through, so I put it to the test.

I would like all of my readers to understand that the following photos, as well as the above photo, have been tweaked using RawTherapee 4.1.49. This album was not intended to be a collection of raw camera samples, but rather an eye-pleasing album that I wanted to create with my Moto X.

I'm still working to obtain some shots that contain a very shallow depth of field as I managed to achieve those results with the old device's camera. Give it time--I'm sure at some point I can get something.

Clicking any of the photos will allow you to shuffle through the full-size Flickr album. Enjoy!

Some like flea markets and some don't. I'm not too sure this kitty digs it.

Moto Power Wallpapers

Here's a cool little wallpaper pack that I decided to create based on some of the packaging artwork found among the Motorola Power Pack Micro. As soon as I saw the design I knew you guys would love to see it on your homescreens. I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks again to Motorola for giving me the wonderful opportunity to tour their facility and take home some awesome new toys.

This set includes 7 designs, with two resolutions for each (making 14 image files total). People ask me why I create 4K versions of my designs when there exists so little 4K hardware. The reason I do this is so people can crop my designs without experiencing a loss in quality. There's your answer ;)

Also, please take an opportunity to check out nowPaper in the Play Store!

Some examples from the set (these are not full resolution):

OK Moto X, Take a Selfie

Figured I'd take a second to show off a feature of the new Moto X. At any time you can say your wake-up command (in my case, "OK Moto X"), and then it follow up with a "Take a Selfie" and the device knows what to do. Pretty handy once you get the hang of it.

Oh and I know it's old, but the Pentax K-7 with an old manual 50mm prime produces an awesome film-grain-ish look. Cool stuff.

Image property of Alex Pasquarella. Created in collaboration with Motorola Mobility LLC.

Chicago, Illinois - nowPapers

Next up in my nowPapers series is Chicago, Illinois. This one is another redraw of an official Google-owned design, but of course I've done it up in Full HD and 4K, and threw my own spin on it as always.

This design is already available in nowPaper, a great tool used to apply these awesome designs right to your homescreen. The newly released version of nowPaper supports Muzei, which furthermore allows automatic time/day cycling! 

For more information regarding nowPaper, please check out this post. Just as I am consistently designing new Google Now-inspired nowPapers, they are promptly added to the application. I hope you all enjoy, and please let +Jaxon Wright or I know if you have any questions.

The Moto X (2014) in Pictures

To kick off my time with the new Moto X, I figured I'd take some shots of the new device, as well as include some comparisons photos with its smaller yet older brother. Enjoy.

Also, if you're looking for that wallpaper, you'll find it here.

My Next Few Weeks with the Moto X (2014)

This past Thursday and Friday I had an absolutely incredible opportunity to step inside Motorola Headquarters in downtown Chicago for an awesome tour of the facility and the company's latest offerings. I met so many amazing people and experienced so many awesome things. I plan on doing another post in the near future detailing my trip and the reasoning behind my invitation there, but for now I would like to focus on just one particular aspect of my experience:

Motorola definitely hooked me up with some goodies, including a brand new Moto X (2014), a Motorola Power Pack Micro, and tons of other good stuff. I've been tasked with creating content for the new device in the weeks between its recent September 5th announcement and the actual release. This includes creating custom Moto X (2014)-inspired wallpapers (similar to stuff you've all seen before), and taking awesome photos with the device's new 13MP shooter. 

Also: Please join me on reddit shortly as I will be hosting a small AMA at 10:45AM EST in This is for anyone who has any questions regarding the new flagship device, the Power Pack, or any of the other new Motorola products (I also had tons of hands on experience with the Moto 360, Hint, and new Moto G). I will do my best to answer questions (with no bias!) based on my own experience!

Fun fact: I and two others were told that we were the first three non-employees to receive the new device for keeps. That's pretty cool. 

Stay tuned for a lot of great stuff!


Compact cameras have come a long way since 1954. This shot was taken on a Motorola Moto X, a device that has been a part of the movement away from dedicated compact point-and-shoot cameras. Despite this, we can look back at our technological history and see the beauty in what we had then, and what we have now. Motorola XT1060 (Moto X), 1/23s, f/2.4, 4.5mm, ISO 640. 

Please note that this image was post-processed using RawTherapee 4.1.49 and GIMP 2.8.6.

Mount Morris, NY

Mount Morris, NY is a modest little town/village in Upstate New York, but even the beauty that floods these streets is shrouded by the whimsical patriotism that this area is known for and proud of. With American flags left and right, and colonial architecture sprawling its cultural grace throughout, Mount Morris is a lovely place to shoot. I threw this little album together after a recent trip to the town for its renowned Italian festival. Some of the spookier shots were taken inside the allegedly-haunted General Mill's Mansion ;). I was once again using my Fuji X-A1 though I was alternating between the kit XC 16-50mm f/3.5 and the Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.7. Shots taken with the Hexanon are a bit soft, so bare with me. 

Is there someone sitting in that chair?

A little bit of that Mount Morris patriotism. Be warned I'm about to go on a sepia-streak. I was just feeling it at the time...