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New York, NY - nowPapers

It was about time I included New York. Thanks for your patience everyone. Be sure to check out nowPaper in the Play Store!

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)

Moto Fall - A Wallpaper Set

Figured I'd create a simple fall/Thanksgiving-themed design for my Moto series fans. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remainder of fall!

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)

Thanksgiving - A Wallpaper Set

More holidays mean more holiday-themed designs. That's the way it works, right?

Anyway, here's a Googly wallpaper for Thanksgiving. I realize many of you do not celebrate this holiday, so for my international friends I have elected to focus this design also on late-Fall rather than just the holiday. Either way, I hope you all find a way to enjoy it! Clicking the 'Download' button above will allow you to download a zip file of both the 1920x1080 and 3840x2160 (4K) versions of this design, while the 4K version itself is available here via Google Drive:

Ask Me Anything about the Nexus 9 (In Comments)

Hi everyone. I figured I'd take this opportunity to host a small AMA on my site since I know many of you have some questions about the device.

There has been some controversy surrounding the reviews for this new Nexus tablet up until now, as tons of conflicting reports and "unfounded" judgments have been made, at least according to many. With that in mind, I will give you the raw facts as I currently know them. Keep this in mind: I haven't had too much time with this thing yet, but I will use my best judgement in answering your questions.

Obviously battery life will not be easy to address since they usually takes at least a few days to gauge, but I'd rather get this out there now so that people can get some simple answers before making a purchasing decision.

Please ask your questions in the comments section below, and I will do my best to answer them promptly. I hope you all enjoy this! Ask me anything!

Introducing nowPaper 3.0

Hello everyone. +Jaxon Wright and I are pleased announce nowPaper 3.0, which is the first of two phases toward a Material Design/Lollipop overhaul. We'd first like to thank you all for your continued support throughout this endeavor!

1) nowPaper 3.0 features various UI improvements, and adheres to Google's latest design language. Phase two of our 3.0 update (3.1) will further improve the user experience by integrating the performance and UI upgrades provided by Android 5.0 Lollipop.

2) An updated icon is included in nowPaper 3.0.

3) nowPaper 3.0 narrows the gap between the actual nowPaper application and Muzei. The nowPaper Muzei extension settings are now just a click away, and designs can now be applied through Muzei directly within the nowPaper design/location browser.

4) 4K (3840x2160) versions of select designs/locations are now available within the app. This will primarily benefit devices with 1440p displays or higher.

We hope you all continue to love nowPaper. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Jaxon or I.


Figured you all missed this little guy since yesterday. As indicated above, this design comes in both 3840x2160 (4K/UHD) and 1920x1080. To download both please click the 'Download' button above. Have a happy and safe Halloween! More great things to come!

Fun fact: this started out just as a little promotional banner for my website from yesterday's Google FallPaper, but you all seemed to like this so I figured why not just scale it for a wallpaper?

Here is the 1920x1080 version:

Google FallPaper

After a handful of requests for a Google-ish Fall/Halloween-themed wallpaper, I have decided to go ahead and create a spooky design . It's rather simple, more so than my nowPapers, but it's hopefully interesting enough to have you all liking them! I have done up these designs in 4K and 1920x1080 resolutions.

Enjoy these designs and please have a happy and safe Halloween!.

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)

2015 Moto X Concept Tour

PLEASE READ FIRST: This is a mock-up that I created FROM SCRATCH (excluding the screenshots) with nothing more than a keyboard, a mouse, and a pen tablet. Please understand that its appearance is for illustrative purposes only. This creation is in no way affiliated with Motorola Mobility, and is rather a product of my own imagination/design intuition. Please enjoy this visual experience!

Not really a question I've often pondered, but I took it upon myself to engage in a rather different design project. I love mobile technology, shocker, so I decided to put my developed design skills to the test and crunch those two worlds together.

Smartphone mock-ups created by amateurs are nothing new. Anyone who has ever perused any tech blog will see them, especially in the wake of product leaks. I, however, have elected to do something a little bit different, and it is my goal to sort of create a comprehensive "tour" of what I think the 2015 Motorola Moto X could look like, rather than just create a rough sketch and throw it on social media. Other than for my own practice and for your enjoyment, there is no reason I am doing this.

Before we continue, please keep this in mind: This is MY work, created by ME. That being said, before you go off claiming to be the artist behind these items (which happens more often than you'd like to believe), please review my Legalities page. If you happen to share these creations outside of this website, attribution is required.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ to keep yourself updated with my work!

Now, let's begin:

5.2" inch display. If Motorola wants to avoid the complaints that have already plagued their recent Nexus 6, they'll keep it consistent with this years already-slightly-super-sized 2014 Moto X in terms of size. With that in mind, I don't envision next year's flagship device will be much larger footprint-wise than this year's. One thing you'll notice, however, is the addition of dual front-facing speakers. Reminiscent of the HTC One M7/M8, Motorola will hopefully bring this in. This mock-up portrays how I think it could be done, and the way I have designed it entails more pronounced chins. With the top speaker raised up, the front-facing camera can move to the middle. Looks a bit Nexus 5 like, doesn't it?

You'll notice I kept the back pretty consistent with the existing Moto X design language. I personally love the back of both Moto X's and the Nexus 6, so why not incorporate it here? One thing I did remove, however, is the slight gaudiness of the 2014 Moto X's dimple. It's more Nexus 6 like, in that it is simple yet elegant. That said, this device now lacks one less area to color-customize, as that ring that surrounds the dimple on the 2014 X is Moto Maker-friendly furniture.

Other than the dimple, the back of the 2015 Moto X, as I envision it, includes a slightly "deeper" top bezel.

Of course, I expect Moto Maker to stick around for 2015. Here's a visual of what that system may look like with my 2015 Moto X concept:
There really isn't much more to say. Regardless of what I have created here, we can all assume the 2015 Moto X will be another beautiful device from Motorola. Let's just hope the company takes more design-risks and continues to release awesome hardware and software. In the meantime, go check out 2014's offering. I can't imagine you'll be disappointed.

I plan to keep this project moving within the next few weeks, so if you have any requests for things you'd like to see, please let me know. Also, if you want a "custom 2015 Moto X" mock-up with your name on it and a custom color set-up, let me know. I'm sure I can make that happen ;). But before you leave, here's some more eye-candy followed by a couple of development shots:


Moto Leaves

Figured it was about time I did something Fall-related for my Motorola content-creation project. For some reason sticking my prized Moto X in dirty leaves and mud didn't bother me...
Pentax K-7, 50mm (manual), 1/50s, f/4.0, ISO 200.

I have a larger version of this photo available, so please contact me if interested. 

Rocky Mountains - nowPapers

Probably one of the most requested items I've ever had in development, finally, here is the updated Rocky Mountains nowPaper. Most importantly, this design was created in 4K resolution as part of my project to overhaul the older nowPapers and bring them up into 4K.

I hope you're all happy with this new design. Rocky Mountains has been a very successful graphic for me, and with that I decided to take the design, as inspired by Google's own, and slightly move away from it and bring in my own design elements that I know you all love.

This design is already available in nowPaper, a great tool used to apply these awesome designs right to your homescreen. The newly released version of nowPaper supports Muzei, which furthermore allows automatic time/day cycling! 

For more information regarding nowPaper, please check out this post. Just as I am consistently designing new Google Now-inspired nowPapers, they are promptly added to the application. I hope you all enjoy, and please let +Jaxon Wright or I know if you have any questions.

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)

nowPaper Promo Banner

In the process of creating some new promotional banners for my work, I figured I'd whip up a simple one for nowPaper. I hope you all enjoy it.

Make It Yours with Moto Wallpapers

Thought you all would enjoy this little graphic I whipped up in order to promote some of my Motorola-related wallpapers. Turned out kinda neat.

For those wondering, here are the wallpapers featured in this graphic:
Moto Power Wallpapers
Moto Pack (Series)
MotoMaker Collection

Coming Soon: Overhauling the Older nowPapers

Back in April 2014 I began creating these Google Now-inspired wallpapers, which eventually became "nowPapers" when built into a successful application of the same name (nowPaper), and they have been a huge hit. I know everyone typically says stuff like this, but I am very critical of my own work, perhaps to an unhealthy level. Not only did I only draw these party-vectored designs in 1920x1080 rather than 4K, but my abilities with this style have improved greatly since last spring. That said, Rocky Mountains, Tahoe, Canyons, San Diego, CA, and Rochester, NY will all be getting a visual overhaul and they will be done up in 4K. 

You can imagine what this means for the app, nowPaper: Once all of the current designs are available in 4K, nowPaper will be gaining a "4K option" in its settings. Many of you have been asking for this, so +Jaxon Wright and I are delivering.

Some of you may be concerned about how this could take away from additional landscapes and cities, but rest assured, more are in process as well.

These designs are heavy. While they may look simple, don't let their abstract nature fool you. I spend days working on single sets, so please be patient as I crank these out.

In the meantime, I invite you all to continue enjoying the current nowPaper designs available within our application, nowPaper. Remember that they are freely available on this website as well.

I'd like to thank you all once again for your support!

Pumpkin Picking

This is one of my favorite ways to celebrate Fall, and we had an absolutely beautiful day to do it. Pentax K-7, f/4, 1/640s, 50mm, ISO 200. 

My Time with the New Moto X

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. When I was private messaged back in March on an online art community by a supposed employee of Motorola's contracted marketing division, the whole thing just seemed too good to be true. How could some random Moto X-inspired wallpapersa product of my passion for design-driven technologylead to so much?

"Moto Summer" by Alex Pasquarella
I'd be damned if I didn't run with the opportunity to have my work shared through the channels of a well-known, highly-regarded technology company, with an audience far larger than I could even comprehend.

Thus began my relationship with Motorola Mobility. Since May 2014, the company has been essentially "publishing" my Moto-inspired/related designs and photographs, and the recognition this has brought me is simply astounding.

It doesn't end there, however. When I received a call in mid-August saying that I was invited to Motorola's September 4th/5th product-launch, and would be given an exclusive tour of Motorola's headquarters in downtown Chicago, my heart fell to the floor. The tour itself was incredible, but the coolest part of the experience was meeting some amazing people and playing with some awesome technology.

But things for me continued to get better and better:

I was one of three individuals to be chosen to receive the brand new Moto X (2014), and we were told that we were also the first three consumers to actually own the device (that fascinated me way more than it should have).

With September nearing its end, I've been able to spend a few weeks with the new device, but let me add this disclaimer before I continue: This is not a review and I am not a reviewer. There are plenty of other reviews from reputable sources all over the internet, so please check those out. What I can and will discuss is what my time with the new Moto X (2014) has been like since the beginning of the month, and in doing so I will go into detail on some of my favorite aspects of the new device.

Form Factor: Coming from the original Moto X (2013), the first thing I noticed when handling the new device is the size difference. Yeahthe new one is bigger. For many, the original hit a "sweet spot" in size with its 4.7" display and incredibly ergonomic body shape. The new device sports a 5.2" display, bringing it up to scale, size wise, with the LG G2. That said, the new Moto X is still a one-hand smartphone, meaning the rounded body shape that was carried over from the older device results in very manageable operation despite its larger footprint. The beloved "dimple" is still there, and boy does it make its presence known. Its function is similar however, so it's not something to be missed from last year's Moto X.

The next thing I noticed was the actual feel of the new Moto X. The frame has been upgraded to metal, and it feels like a tank. Motorola devices, for me, have always given me an impression of high build quality, but the new Moto X takes this a step further. It's well-weighted, tightly put together, and feels like it can withstand the potential follies of daily life.

Moto app settings menu
Software and Performance: Two words: Stock Android. Just like with last year's Moto X, Motorola didn't waste their time throwing handfuls of debilitating bloatware and obnoxious skins onto their new device. Rather, their recent product lineup runs a very lightly tweaked Android 4.4.4, and those tweaks add nothing but actual functionality. This nearly untouched Android integration leads to an incredibly zippy software experience, making the new Moto X simply a pleasure to use.

Stock Android is a beautiful thing
Speaking to the goodies that Motorola did include, we have a familiar lineup of Moto-specific apps such as Moto Help, Connect, and Migrate. This suite of software is a proven trio that added a lot to last year's Moto X, and continues to this year. That said, Motorola included a new app called "Moto," and this is where all of the functionality related to the device's "Moto Voice," "Moto Active Display," and "Assist" technology is located and customized. After using Active Display for the past year on both this year's Moto X and last year's, I'm not too sure I'd be able to use a device without it. Call me dramatic, but that software has definitely stuck with me.

Moto Voice, or what used to be called "Touchless Control," has seen a lot of improvements in its own right. Custom wake up commands versus the somewhat repetitive "OK Google Now" make the new system more modular and personalized. I admittedly had mine responding to some rather profane malarkey initially, but regardless the new Moto X really didn't skip a beat no matter what command you provided to wake it up with. Furthermore, a new set of predefined commands grace the new device as well.

Overall, my time thus far with the Moto X has been made especially enjoyable as a result of the streamlined software coupled with the superior hardware. The Snapdragon 801 that lives under the hood really makes this phone a beast, and while it is not the absolute latest from Qualcomm, it's plenty fast, especially when paired with the Moto X's stock Android experience. I should also mention how gorgeous the device's 1920x1080 AMOLED panel is. It's colors aren't overly saturated like some competitors', yet it still provides the benefits of OLED technology such as the "blackest blacks" and crisp contrast.

3h 29m Screen on Time
Battery: The new Moto X has caught a lot of flak in the battery department since its initial announcement. I'm not entirely in a position to tell you that these complaints have been unfounded, as at first the idea of a 2300 mAh battery dragging along a 5.2" 1080p panel and a Snapdragon 801 really doesn't sound all that appealing. But let me be clear: battery life truthfully is pretty good. I am comfortably able to make it through a whole day, usually with a very substantial percentage of my battery life remaining. That said, despite my love for this crap, I am not someone who stares at their phone screen for 5-7 hours a day. My "screen on time" typically lies within the 2-3 hour range, and with that usage in mind, battery life seems to be above average in my experience.

Speaking again briefly to the software front, Motorola has definitely optimized the new Moto X to allow it to "sip" battery juice rather than guzzle it. That said, cell standby draws very little power, meaning the juice that the new Moto X is drinking is usually being consumed when one is actually using the device.

These past few weeks have led me to complain very little about battery life. Regardless of what the battery gets down to at the end of the day, I stick my Moto X on my bedside charger every night, and every morning it is ready to get me through a full day of enjoyable use.

Camera: By now you've probably seen quite a few examples from me of pictures taken with the new Moto X's 13MP camera. One complaint that I had about last year's Moto X was in the realm of the camera, as I was less than impressed by its poor color reproduction and occasional noise. The camera on the 2014 Moto X presents an exciting improvement, and while I am able to capture beauty with both devices' shooters, this improvement really makes things quite a bit easier.

Check out the rest of this album if you'd like to see some more shots I've taken with the new device (or find me on Google+ and Twitter for more pictures outside of that album). I'm really impressed with the sharpness of the sensor, as well as the overall colors that it brings out.

It's hard for me to consider myself a "photographer," as I believe that this is a label that I am not really worthy of wearing. Despite this, I do own nice cameras and I do enjoy taking pictures, and the new Moto X really fits the bill when it comes to having a capable camera on me at all times. This factor alongside the device's awesome "Quick Capture" gesture-driven software makes the Moto X a really fast-into-action pocket-sized shooter that nearly every photographer will be satisfied with. This feature in itself is yet another that I simply would not be able to live without.

Moving Forward: Obviously there's a lot that I didn't get into, such as the brilliant 4K video capture, the awesome driving-aware software/hardware, the enhancements to Moto Active Display, the powerful front-facing speaker, etc. Again, this was not intended to be a review even if it came off as one. These aspects of the new Moto X that I have really enjoyed provide a summation of what these past few weeks have been like with it in my hands.

Moto HQ at the Merchandise Mart (Taken with the 2013 X)
I know I've said this a ton and I just have to reiterate it again: The Moto X is just a pleasure to use. I've been hearing it positively described as a "no frills device," but I don't really think this is a fair description of what is rather a feature-packed smartphone for 2014 that delivers tons of functionality within a streamlined, optimized software and hardware experience. That's why I choose Motorola: Their strategies of differentiating their products really benefit us, the consumers. Rather than bloat up their devices with that they think we want, they work to truly understand what we do want in our prized pocketables.

I'm not saying all of this because they gave me a tour and some goodies. That was awesome, obviously, but I would have said (and did say) the same thing a year ago after the release of the first generation Moto X.

But, at the end of the day, I have to thank Motorola for really hooking me up with an incredible experience. It has made everything I have created thus far beyond worth it, and I cannot wait to continue creating for all of you in the future.

So with that, thanks Motorola.