Seaside - Initial Development

A Google-inspired wallpaper showing a coastal landscape
Download (static design) 

Introducing Seaside, a design that you'll probably be seeing a lot of in the coming weeks.

Seaside withholds a style that I've sort of been fine tuning now for a while, and I think its clean, bold appearance really goes well with Android's (and Google's) current design language.

Live Wallpaper?

Don't get too excited just yet, but there's more to this design than just pixels. Well, at least there most likely will be. This design has been put together with the intention of creating a live wallpaper version in the near future, so you may notice how I've prepared a handful of assets within it for movement. Waving trees, a spinning sun, shifting waves, floating clouds, and a hovering hot air balloon are all within the realm of possibility. Of course, time states and possibly even weather conditions are being looked at as well.

But while we're at it, why stop at just phones/tablets? Our wrist-wearables need some love too!

With all of this in mind, I make no guarantees at this point since it's still a bit on the early side.


I know that some of you like to see design-process related materials, so I separated some of the assets from the main design and staged them for your viewing pleasure.

Seaside Live Wallpaper icon development

Seaside Live Wallpaper icon development
 Also, I've included the general day time color scheme for this design for those interested:

Seaside Live Wallpaper color scheme development
 Stay tuned for more!

Grand Rapids, MI - nowPapers

Welcome to Grand Rapids! nowPaper 4.0.3 includes this new location.

This design is already available in nowPaper, a great tool used to apply these awesome designs right to your homescreen. nowPaper supports Muzei, which furthermore allows automatic time/day cycling! 

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)


It's been a while since I worked on stuff like this! I love this shot mainly due to the speed to the Konica Hexanon lens—I realize I chose a somewhat obscure focusing point but overall I like the way it turned out. Considering a lot of what I do for you all is mobile/Android-related, I figured this photo would also fair well as a background considering the composition (blur towards the bottom for icons, clarity towards the top).

Also, I gotta say, I've put the Fuji X-A1 through its paces this past year. I love the way it handles my old manual prime lenses (those Konica Hexanons are simply gorgeous). Plus, it's a pretty inexpensive camera considering it is the lower-end model in the Fuji X lineup, and has recently been succeeded by the X-A2 (the X-A1 has been discontinued, but it's still pretty easy to find, especially aftermarket). If any of you are looking to test the waters of photography (namely with regards to mirrorless cameras, I invite you to check out the Fuji X-A1 or X-A2. Tread lightly though—photography has this incredible ability to make you want to spend as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

Full resolution shot.

Fuji X-A1, f/1.7, 1/3000s, 50mm, ISO 800. 

Personal Branding

A personal brand for graphic designer Alex Pasquarella
I decided it was about time I worked on my own personal brand. I wanted to keep things simple, though you can probably guess that I did start with an illustration-heavy design. Rather, I wanted to keep things conventional yet bold in order to maintain a professional image.

A personal logo for graphic designer and developer Alex Pasquarella

Of course, I started with my logo. If you've been following me for a bit you've probably noticed how often I jump around when it comes to presenting myself through my website and logo. I started my design endeavors by focusing solely on illustration, and I've done my best to improve over time (though I still have a very long way to go). That said, branding/logo design has always been on the back burner for me, and it wasn't until recently that I decided to finally step it up and make a real project out of my personal brand. I wanted a simple, flat logo design that I wouldn't learn to hate nor grow bored of.

My logo is made up of an "AP" monogram and some simple type. I've been drawing that monogram for quite some time, and finally decided to turn it into pixels.

Color scheme used for personal branding and logo

I had originally wanted a dominantly-neutral color scheme, so that's what I went with.

Personal business cards for graphic designer and developer
Considering I use for my printing, my business card size is based on their print specifications. I have multiple back color configurations, and a singular front design with contact information.

Branding cover and illustration for graphic designer and developer
I wanted to move away from just a logo and business cards, and create something that really speaks to my personality and of course my abstract style. With that in mind, I did up a few covers that can be used as standalone prints/documents, or as folders, for example. The abstract shapes represent the building blocks of a project, and "putting them together like a puzzle" is the theme I chose. These shapes also reference my monogram/logo, and I think they work well with the color scheme.

A branding cover or folder mock up for graphic designer
I'm sure I'll be continuously tweaking and enhancing my personal branding package as I continue to learn and improve. I'm also sure you'll be seeing a lot more cool stuff to come.

London - nowPapers

Another very highly requested nowPaper design. This is definitely overdue, I am aware! I hope I was able to capture both the historical and modern aspects of the city, and also I hope all of my UK users are happy with the design! Be sure to check out nowPaper in the Play Store!'

Of course, I must again credit Brent Couchman's work for inspiring this design. Certain elements used in this design are heavily based on his original London Google Now banner.

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)

Moto X Google+ Community Graphic

I was asked to submit a graphic for a contest the Moto X Google+ community is hosting this week, so I went a head and created one. In this design I'm experimenting with some new subtle styling techniques that stray away from what I typically go for, but I'm liking the results overall. I'm sure you'll be seeing this styling again!

Hope you all dig it.

Mt. Moto

Played around with the Google design aesthetic a bit more and incorporated a little bit of Motorola as well. The post-holiday winter can be a bit dreary for some, so hopefully this cheerful design keeps you all going!


Here's a design I worked up for a client who requested a Googly tree house (though the client's version is modified). I took some inspiration from the monthly designs that exist in the newer build of Google Calender. I've brought in my own stylistic elements of course, but I really love creating these abstract landscapes. This is here for portfolio purposes, but if you'd like to download the full 3840x2160 copy, be my guest: Download.

PS: I know many of you come here looking for new nowPaper designs, but be advised that this is not one of them (even though it does resemble the abstract landscapes used within the app and my nowPaper design family).

Hope you dig it!

The Biggest nowPaper Design Update Yet

Finally, after quite a bit of work, I'm happy to announce that all of the current nowPapers have been brought up to a new set of quality standards. I've completely redone the skies for every single location, as well as cleaned up some graphical errors that plagued many of my older ones. This update has been a long time coming, and I think it shows some off some of my further-developed skills which have improved since I've started these.

As a breakdown, here are the most notable updates to the current designs:

Rochester, NY nowPaper (Day)
1) Rochester, NY has been completely overhauled and is now available in 4K (3840x2160) resolution. Rochester was one of the first Google Now-style designs I created, and for good reason since it's where I call home. The new design is sharper, cleaner, and overall just... better. I hope you all enjoy it.

San Diego nowPaper (Night)

2) San Diego, CA has been completely overhauled as well, and is also available in 4K. Just like with Rochester, San Diego was one of my initial cities, but it has been completely redone with this new design update.

3) Tahoe has been touched up and brought to 4K. I think I said I was gonna take care of that like months ago but figured this update would be a good time to release it.

4) Portland, OR and Wind Farm have had their background mountains completely redone as part of my new mountain style guidelines (yes, I've given myself guidelines that are a little comprehensive). A few more issues with these ones have been sorted out as well.

5) Got rid of Santa and his reindeer in Winter Lake. Sorry Santa, we'll see you again in December 2015.

Conesus nowPaper (Dusk)
6) Conesus was touched up quite a bit, and I was actually quite horrified at the amount of issues I found within it. Hope you all dig the updated one.

7) As for the rest: Clouds, stars, sky effects, and occasional issues have been fixed for all. Everything looks much cleaner and fitting.

I hope you are all pleased with the progression of these designs as a result of my ever-improving abilities with this style.

Make sure to grab the latest designs!

The thought of people still using the old ones after these updates makes me cringe (that's just the way I am), so please do me a favor and download the latest versions of all of these designs. Occasionally I'll get a request for the older versions of my work, and while I'm reluctant to retrieve them from my shunned vault of outdated stuff, I will provide them. If that's your case, contact me.

Of course, not everyone sees these designs here on my website, but rather in the app nowPaper. This new design update will shortly find its way into the app's location catalog, so rest assured. I'll update this post once the updated designs have been implemented (Update 1/3/2015: nowPaper now includes these updated designs).

I should also mention that new locations are currently in the works, as always. Look forward to some exciting new European cities in the coming weeks. 

One last note: I wish I didn't have to remind people, but I am constantly battling the use of my designs without proper licensing or attribution. I put a large portion of my life into this work, and I think that I make it pretty easily available, let alone freely available. Please do me a favor and check out the my usage rights and legalities page for information. If you have any additional questions, you can of course contact me without hesitation.

San Diego, CA - nowPapers (Updated)

This design is already available in nowPaper, a great tool used to apply these awesome designs right to your homescreen. nowPaper supports Muzei, which furthermore allows automatic time/day cycling! 

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)

Rochester, NY - nowPapers (Updated)

How could I not include Rochester, NY in my series of nowPapers? After all, it is where I call home.

This design is already available in nowPaper, a great tool used to apply these awesome designs right to your homescreen. nowPaper supports Muzei, which furthermore allows automatic time/day cycling! 

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)

nowPaper Updated to 3.1.0

Celebrate your holidays with nowPaper: The latest version, 3.1.0, includes the much-anticipated Winter Lake location. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

3.1.0 Full Changelog:
- Winter Lake location added. (Available in 4K via Muzei)
- Updated in-app Muzei logo
- Updated to new Muzei API 2.0
- Tweaked some Lollipop-related things

Winter Lake - nowPapers

It's time to spread some Christmas cheer now that a winter nowPaper is here! I hope you all have a lovely holiday season! Be sure to check out nowPaper in the Play Store!

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)

New York, NY - nowPapers

It was about time I included New York. Thanks for your patience everyone. Be sure to check out nowPaper in the Play Store!

NOTE: This particular design is heavily based on an existing Google Now design. The artist behind those original Google Now illustrations is Brent Couchman, a huge inspiration of mine.

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)