Moto Summer: A Wallpaper Set

Click here or press the download button above to download the entire zip package of the set, which includes all three resolutions of all three color schemes. The 1920x1080 versions of the designs are available for individual download below as well.

Well these were fun to make! I was asked by Motorola's marketing division to design a set of Moto-related wallpapers that incorporated summer as well. I think I managed to capture that decently, but I'll let all of you be the judge.

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Also, be sure to check out nowPaper, a great tool used to apply my awesome Google Now-inspired nowPapers right to your homescreen. The newly released version of nowPaper supports Muzei, which furthermore allows automatic time/day cycling! 

For more information regarding nowPaper, please check out this post. Just as I am consistently designing new nowPapers, they are promptly added to the application. I hope you all enjoy, and please let +Jaxon Wright or I know if you have any questions.

This set includes 12 files total. Three in the standard (orange) color scheme with each resolution, three with the green color scheme, and three with the pink color scheme. The 1920x1080 versions also include blurred varieties of each color scheme in an effort to enhance the visibility of dock icons on Android (Yes--I realize these designs are a bit on the busy side).

Perceptive viewers may note similarities between these designs and my fan-favorite Google Now Inspired Wallpapers. I drew a lot of inspiration from those designs, so given that, I must give some credit to the individual behind the original Google Now designs, Brent Couchman. His work has really helped me grow as a designer!

Steps for setting this wallpaper on Android:

Stock Motorola Launcher: 

1) Download the design. If using zip file, extract the files using a file manager.
2) Press and hold the home screen
3) Click "Gallery"
4) Find and select your design of choice
5) Adjust the alignment of the design (Pinch to zoom in slightly in order to avoid the black navigation bar).
6) Click "Set Wallpaper"

Google Now Launcher:

1) Download the design. If using zip file, extract the files using a file manager.
2) Press and hold the home screen
3) Click "Wallpapers"
4) Click "Pick Image"
5) Click "Gallery"
6) Find and select your design of choice
7) Adjust the alignment of the design if necessary
8) Click "Set Wallpaper"

Click each image below to download the 1920x1080 versions of the designs individually, or download the entire set by clicking here.


  1. These are great. Thank you ver ymuch for your work

  2. I'd like to see more colors in the future! I love these thank you

  3. These are pretty cool.
    Would love to see more.

  4. Alex, thanks for your great contribution, something that will serve to leave the screen on my Moto G even more cheerful. Know that your work has already begun to cross borders, as he arrived in Brazil, the country from which I speak.
    A hug.

    1. Glad to know you're liking my work! Thanks for the compliments.

  5. thank you very much. they're beautiful. hope you'll do that for the other seasons as well :)

  6. I love these! Hope you will do more Motorola-inspired wallpapers in the future. :-D

  7. awesome pics it...thanks a lot