Moto Pack, Series #3

The third installment to my series of Moto X inspired wallpapers. The Moto Pack series seems to be quite a hit with you all, so as long as there is a demand for them, I will continue making them. I have to say, this third set is my favorite so far. I took a little bit of an artistic license (as much as one can take recoloring triangles) with these ones, venturing further away from just basic single-size shapes.

Be sure to check out Moto Pack, Series #1 and Moto Pack, Series #2 as well!

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)


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    1. Thank you! I'll see what I can do. Like I said, there are only so many ways for me to recolor triangles!

  2. can you do more dark ones?

  3. There's nothing in the cap box to authorize download