Moto Pack, Series #2: A Wallpaper Set

The second installment to my series of Moto X inspired wallpapers. These are, for the most part, darker. Per your requests, I have included 1280x720 versions of all 10 of the wallpapers as well (meaning this pack actually has 20 total files). Created originally by me, Alex Pasquarella. The design of each is inspired by the logo art of the Motorola Moto X. 

Be sure to check out Moto Pack, Series #1 and Moto Pack, Series #3 as well!

Included Wallpapers: 
(Click for full size - Hosted via Google Drive)


  1. These are awesome. can you do more dark ones?

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Michael,

      In order to download the zip FROM your Moto X, you may have to set your browser to "Request Desktop Site" before downloading the zip file of all of them. Once you have the zip file on your device, you must use a file manager such as Solid Explorer to open it, which from there you can set them as your wallpaper.

      It may be easier to A) download them from your computer, or B) download them as individual images from Imgur.